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BAT is now an Apple verified virtual currency (confirmed by Brendan Eich & team in London) — first ERC20

Apple has rules about which virtual currencies (cryptocurrencies) are accepted on the iOS store:
"If your app enables people to purchase goods or services that will be consumed outside of the app, you must use purchase methods other than in-app purchase to collect those payments, such as Apple Pay or traditional credit card entry. Apps may facilitate transmission of approved virtual currencies (e.g. Bitcoin, DogeCoin) provided that they do so in compliance with all state and federal laws for the territories in which the app functions."
That is, you may only create iOS apps that facilitate the exchange of virtual currencies that have been approved by apple. Only a few are officially listed in the terms & conditions (e.g., Bitcoin) as of now. According to, this is the current list of approved currencies: Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash Dogecoin Dao Dash Digicash Americoin Ethereum Ethereum Classic Lite Coin Lisk Monero Ripple Steam Tether Waves ZCash.
According to this list, Basic Attention Token (BAT) may be the first ERC20 to be accepted on the app store.
Source: Brendan (CEO of BAT/Brave, inventor of Javascript, founder of Mozilla and Firefox) gave a talk in London yesterday on blockchain and advertising where he disclosed the news to attendees. The statement was then confirmed by Luke Mulks, Senior Ad Tech on the BAT team on BAT's official telegram.
Confirmation screenshot here:
P.S., Bart Baker in the transcript is a YouTuber who's now promoting BAT and has 10 million subscribers.
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08-25 03:42 - 'How long before we see bank issued crypto currencies (Citicoin, Americoin, Gold(man Sachs)coin?' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/rantus removed from /r/Bitcoin within 0-8min

The way I look at it is like this: The banks can slow this down but they aren't stopping it. They can only slow it down because politicians are nothing more than bag men. You hand them the cash, they do what you want. But as Bitcoin gains more and more strength then Fiat will devalue, maybe only marginally, but crypto is not inflationary. If you think that the bankers aren't plnning on using it to hedge against the future then I think you're sadly mistaken.
Altcoins have (thus far) shown relatively little circulation/usage. But if the banks started mining their own coins then what? Name branding goes a long way. Not only could they create their own coins but they could create a payment infrastructure to support real time simultaneous payments/exchange with othetr bank issued coins.
Any thoughts on this? Other than state issued crypto, and the original Bitcoin itself, what would be able to compete with those kinds of resources?
How long before we see bank issued crypto currencies (Citicoin, Americoin, Gold(man Sachs)coin?
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What are the BEST Cryptocurrency Exchanges for US CITIZENS ... How To Exchange Your TBC to BITCOIN 2019 BEST CRYPTO EXCHANGES 2019? Programmer explains. bitcoin exchange usa Top 5 Crypto Exchanges For Americans to Use - YouTube

Places to buy bitcoin in exchange for other currencies. Note: Exchanges provide highly varying degrees of safety, security, privacy, and control over your funds and information. Perform your own due diligence and choose a wallet where you will keep your bitcoin before selecting an exchange. “At its core, bitcoin is a smart currency, designed by very forward-thinking engineers. It eliminates the need for banks, gets rid of credit card fees, currency exchange fees, money transfer fees, and reduces the need for lawyers in transitions… all good things.” Company Profile. AmeriCoin Capital believes it has a management team and brain trust of industry leaders. The group is ... Americoin (AME) features faster transaction confirmation times and improved storage efficiency than the leading math-based currency. With substantial industry support, trade volume and liquidity, Americoin (AME) is a proven medium of commerce complementary to Bitcoin. 03-14-2020 US Presidential Candidate Proposes “AmeriCoin” to Achieve American Dream By Sagetwriter. Libertarian candidate for the U.S 2020 Presidential Elections – Adam Kokesh has expressed interest to develop a sovereign cryptocurrency named once elected. Kokesh made the announcement at a ceremony where he appointed Alastair Caithness as his chief blockchain policy adviser. Following is the list of best Bitcoin Exchange USA 2020: 1. Coinbase. Coinbase is headquartered in San Francisco, California and considered to be the novice-friendly exchange because of its simple user interface. Here, you actually buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies directly from Coinbase instead from other users. Technically, a brokerage, Coinbase has recently rebranded GDAX ...

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What are the BEST Cryptocurrency Exchanges for US CITIZENS ...

Since cryptocurrency first appeared, a plethora of exchange platforms have sprung up to facilitate transfers of digital coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other altcoins. Cryptocurrency exchanges ... BITCOIN SMASHING RESISTANCE PUSHING TO ATH!! Ethereum and Defi Bubble - Programmer explains ... Top 5 Crypto Exchanges For Americans to Use - Duration: 12:29. BitBoy Crypto 17,458 views. 12:29 ... Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges in USA (Trending Crypto News) American cryptocurrency exchanges were among the first to fall under legislative regulation. Therefore, all the nuances related to the ... Find the bitcoin atm exchange locations in all major cities in usa. At Bitcoin of America, we show you how to buy and sell bitcoins safely and securely from our website. ----- https://www ... How to exchange all your tbc to bitcoin very easy and fast 2019.